Monday, June 1, 2009

Uyirum Neeye

This is one of my all-time favorite songs from ARR. I had sung this on Mother's day couple of weeks back and my mom loved it. It's probably the first slow melody I've heard in the ragam Khamas - the ragam is usually used for fast numbers like 'Pazhamudhir Cholai' or 'Brocheva', though the latter can be sung in both speeds.

The song, from the film Pavitra, is originally sung by the melodious Unnikrishnan. Here is my attempt at it.

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Lyrics/Translation of Uyirum Neeye

Film: Pavitra
Music: A.R. Rahman
Singer: Unnikrishnan

Uyirum neeye udalum neeye uravum neeye thaaye..
You are Life, You are the Body, You are the relationship, O Mother!

thann udalil sumandhu uyirai pagirndhu uruvam tharuvaai neeye..
You bore me within you, and shared your life and shaped me..

un kannil valiyum oru thuli podhum, kadalum urugum thaaye..
A single tear in your eyes is enough to make the sea also cry..

un kaaladi mattum tharuvaai thaaye..sorgam enbadhu poiye
Just your feet are enough ... even Heaven will be trivial.

vinnai padaithaan, mannai padaithaan, kaatrum kadalum oliyayum padaithaan
He created the sky, created the earth, created the air, and created light..

boomiku adhanaal nimmadhi illai...saami thavithaan, thaayei padaithaan
But there was still no peace on Earth, and the Lord pondered, and created Mother.


Runaway Kirik said...

this is like the best mom's day gift ive come across!

Kamakshi Kalyanasundaram (Kamakshi Srinivasan) said...

This song has come out really well. I liked this more than "poi sollakoodadhu" song in ur previous post.
Best wishes!!

Somas said...

Thanks a lot Kirik! I had been wanting to do this on Mother's day for quite sometime..

Thanks Kamakshi - Yes I like this better than poi solla myself :) .. I'll redo that song some time

Suma Subramaniam said...

Very soothing!


I am unable to download this song, why> can you please respond to my email at

Athiyaman said...

wat a song man.hats of to A.R.Rahman.i dont have words to applaus this songs. really greatttttttttttttttttttt.

Anonymous said...

We love this song and need full Translation of "Uyirum Neeye" to share with other language guys...